Shelf Labels, Shelf Talkers and Signs
The SCANPlus label program provides the ability to design and print shelf labels as needed and export to label printer to reduce time and labor 
Warehouse Hosting 
The Warehouse Interface provides faster and more accurate price changes from the warehouse which is downloaded automatically into your price file.  SCANPlus will customize the file layout to meet your specific requirements.
Radio Frequency Price Verification and DSD Receiving 
The SCANPlus Price Verification and DSD Receiving Modules are the heart of the Inventory Control System.  Prices can be verified in store for accuracy and at the Direct Store De;overu [pomt to validate vendor's invoices as well as on-hand inventory count.
A new feature includes a printer which connects to the Handheld Unit to print labels in the aisle to improve efficiency.
Frequent Shopper 
This module provides the ability to gather data for marketing programs and promotions to improve customer loyalty.  It also identifies the items the customers purchased for future direct marketing purposes.
Security Monitoring
SCANPlus Remote Monitoring software allows the Security Cameras to be interfaced with the back office.  This module inserts text onto the cameras video for use when issues arise.
Corporate Multi-Site Locations 
The SCANPlus Corporate Price Book combines sales and financials to Corporate Headquaters from numerous locations for pricing accuracy and accounting.  This information can be exported to any Accounting Firm for taxes and financial data. 
Time and Attendance Module 
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