Touch Screen and Keyboard SCANPlus POS Software is developed and owned by SCANPlus, Inc.  Our POS System uses Microsoft Windows as the operating and networking system which makes it easy to use and easy to train employees.  The architecture is open so it is not dependent on just one brand of hardware. Updates to the software are constantly being made to keep up with the changing technology.

The Point-of-Sale module was designed with simplicity and speed in mind. Its functionally emulates most cash register systems with easy cash register like operations. Transactions are completed with a minimum number of keystrokes, allowing for maximum customer throughput while maintaining a high degree of accountability and inventory control.
SCANPlus solutions are the key to faster check-out lanes, consistent pricing, cashier accountability, improve customer satisfaction, and better inventory control 
Credit Card Processing in two to three seconds and is a breeze. Scanplus has partnered with Vantiv for speed and simplicity.

Benefits Using SCANPus Include:

  • Improve Efficiency
  • Manage Employees       Effectively
  • Eliminate Shrinkage (theft)
  • Increase Accuracy
  • Get Better Margins
  • Speed Customer Checkout 
  • Increase Profitability
  • Reduce Papterwork
  • Improve Customer Loyalty
  • Build Customer Database
  • Track Inventory
  • Know where you Stand


Speed Tender Keys
CheckVerification, Printing and Endorsement
Control Void Capability
Transaction Suspend/Unsuspend
Vendor and Store Coupons
Menu Look-up Keys  
Training Mode for New Employees
Charge Accounts and Payment At Register
Split Tender Capability
Custom Preset Keys
Produce Menus with Pictures
Register keeps working if Network is down
Instant Credit, Debit, EBT Processing 

At The Back Office 

SCANPlus Back Office System includes comprehensive Inventory and Store Price Book capabilities , cash control, accountability, sales analysis, item movement, and extensive reporting and management features.  This system will streamline your most tedious tasks into simple operations based on a few clicks of the mouse.

Inventory Price Book Includes:
  • Multiple Sales Prices
  • Temporary Price Reductions
  • Promotional Sales Tracking
  • Price Groups
  • Split Pricing
  • Mix and Match Pricing
  • WIC  and WIC-CVV Flags
  • Sale Limits
  • Flexible Discounting 

Manager Functions Include:
  • Cashier Maintenance
  • Negative/Positive Check File Maintenance
  • Electronic Journal
  • Restock/Refund Items
  • Inventory Audit Report
  • Gift Certificates
  • In Store Credits
  • Time Keeper Functions 

Financial Reporting Includes
  • Blind Cash Drawer Reconciliation
  • Real Time Sales Activity
  • Safe Balancing
  • Daily Sales Reports
  • Department Reports
  • Cashier Reports
  • Over 50 more Inventory and Management Reports
  • Data is stored for Years 

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